College Football 2007 – 20 Games, 78 Points Per Game, Good Grief, Where’s the Defense?

An assessment of the current week’s school football scores uncovered that no under 20 games had joined scores of at least 70. Twenty games brought about 1,560 focuses scored, a normal of 78 for every game. For mercy’s sake, whatever happened to safeguard? Sixteen of these 20 games were not imperative regardless of the score:

Oklahoma State at home outlived Texas Tech 49-45, you pick whether these are two incredible hostile or two truly terrible cautious groups (94 all out focuses).

Naval force at home beat Duke 46-43 (89).

No. 13 Oregon (in the AP Top 25) ventured out to Stanford and won 55-31 (86), we expected so a lot. The Ducks are presently 4-0.

No. 4 Oklahoma made a trip to Tulsa and won 62-21 (83).

Bowling Green at home beat Temple 48-35 (83).

Troy headed out to LA-Lafayette and won 48-31 (79).

Northern Illinois headed out to Idaho and won 42-35 (77).

Purdue headed out to Minnesota and won 45-31 (76). The Boilermakers are presently 4-0.

Arizona State at home beat Oregon State 44-32 (76). The Sun Devils are presently 4-0.

UCF (the University of Central Florida) at home beat Memphis 56-20 (76).

Coppery at home beat New Mexico State 55-20 (75).

Tennessee at home beat Arkansas State 48-27 (75).

UCLA at home beat Washington 44-31 (75).

No. 6 California at home beat Arizona 45-27 (72). The Bears are presently 4-0.

No. 7 Texas at home beat Rice 58-14 (72). The Longhorns are presently 4-0.

Toledo at home beat Iowa State 36-35. คาสิโนที่ดีที่สุด

Four of these 20 games were essential past the 70 or more joined score:

No. 21 Kentucky headed out to Arkansas and won 42-29 (71). The Wildcats are presently 4-0. I actually think Kentucky isn’t on par with its record. They must beat better contest to persuade me.

Syracuse (a 0-3 group) headed out to No. 18 Louisville and upset the Cardinals 38-35 (73). Syracuse drove 31-14 after the third quarter. I have been saying for a long time that Louisville has no guard worth discussing. The Washington Huskies went to Syracuse in their opener and beat The Orangemen 42-12. No. 19 Hawaii at home beat AA Charleston Southern 66-10 (76). The Warriors are currently 4-0 after another cupcake rival.

No. 24 Nebraska at home beat Ball State, indeed, THAT Midwestern force to be reckoned with, 41-40 (81).

The reality: Would the sportswriters who vote in the AP Top 25 Poll deal with it and move Louisville, Hawaii and Nebraska directly out the survey. Every one of the three groups have the right to be booted out.

The fourth week saw two different bombshells: Miami (FL) at home effortlessly took care of No. 20 Texas A&M, and Michigan at home held off No. 10 Penn State 14-9. Michigan was supported in the game, however I figure Penn State ought to have been a meeting top pick if the Nittany Lions are genuinely the No. 10 group in the country. Alongside Louisville, Hawaii and Nebraska, Texas A&M ought to be removed from the Top 25 to account for better groups.

No. 1 USC effortlessly pummeled Washington State 47-14, No. 2 LSU beat No. 12 South Carolina 28-16, No. 22 Georgia ventured out to No. 16 Alabama and won with an ideal score pass and catch on the last play 26-23, No. 3 Florida slid by a frail Mississippi group 30-24, and negative. 9 Wisconsin figured out how to beat a frail Iowa group 17-13 with a last quarter score.

No. 5 West Virginia, No. 8 Ohio State, No. 14 Boston College, No. 15 Clemson, No. 17 Virginia Tech, No. 23 South Florida and negative. 25 Missouri all won.

The main concern: USC, LSU, Florida, West Virginia, Ohio State, Boston College, Missouri, Clemson, South Florida and Wisconsin all stay unbeaten. I actually think Wisconsin isn’t the ninth best group in school football. Reality at long last hit Indiana as it lost its first game to Illinois.

Among the unranked and still unbeaten, Kansas at home beat Florida International 55-3, Michigan State went to Notre Dame and won 31-14, Connecticut headed out to Pittsburgh and won 34-14, and Cincinnati at home beat Marshall 40-14. Among new mentors, Mark Dantonio of Michigan State is 4-0, Dennis Erickson at Arizona State is 4-0 and Nick Saban at Alabama lost his first game with the Crimson Tide and is presently 3-1.

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